• Auto Lubrication and Filtration Solutions

    We carry a full range of filters and lubricants designed for all types of vehicles such as passenger cars, racing cars, motorcycles, construction equipment, agricultural equipment as well as for aviation and sea transport.

  • Industrial Lubrication and Filtration Solutions

    We offer: specific lubricants that are suitable for complex and severe manufacturing processes; lubricants for hydraulics systems; various industrial gear lubrication and all types of filtration solutions.

    We carry a full range of auto refinishing products: PPG, DELFLEET, ENVIROBASE, HARLEQUINE, MaxMeyer

  • Industrial coatings
    Industrial Coatings - SELEMIX

SIA Formula is a leading distributor of lubricants, lubrication systems; filters and filtration systems; automotive refinish and industrial coatings as well as car care products. Our goal is to supply the Latvian market with high quality products that satisfy our customers needs with the upmost regard to the environment.

We are the representatives for: TOTAL Lubricants; PPG Automotive Refinish and Industrial Coatings; WOLF Oil; Tetrosyl Refinishing; FINA Lubricants; MANN Filter; CYCLO Professional Products; FORMULA 1 High-Performance Auto Care Products; ALCA and HEYNER Automotive Accessories.

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