PPG’s favourite of the Commercial Transport (CT) sector has been raised to an all new level with the next-generation Delfleet Evolution paint system benefiting from a range of substantial enhancements.

Leading OEMs around the world have already used Delfleet to coat literally tens of thousands of CT vehicles and trailers. Local OEMs include truck makers, Kenworth, Volvo, Mack, as well as many major bus, coach and trailer builders. Importantly, the Delfleet Evolution system that’s used so successful on-line by OEMs is exactly the same product available to refinish users. That brings significant advantages to the refinish market in terms of quickly and accurately matching the original ‘factory’ colour, finish and quality.

PG is a pioneer of High Solids technology. Advanced High Solids products from PPG have made a major impact on reducing cycle times in the car refinish sector. Now, with Delfleet Evolution, CT users have access to the very latest ‘true’ High Solids technology.
Spraying with the High Solids option means more paint can be applied to opacity quickly without fear of paint runs.

This leads to reduced cycle times and greater productivity. Where previously three or four coats were needed to achieve the required coverage for certain difficult colours, the High Solids Binder could reduce the process to just two coats. Consider how that could reduce labour time, accelerate production flow through the booth and increase your profitability!

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