The Harlequin Basecoat colours contain unique multi-layer interence pigments that give a paint film the ability to literally change colour when viewed from different angles. Each colours exhibits a wide range of hues depending on the angle at which it is viewed, and the angle of incidence for the incoming light.

More than just a subtle variation in shade, the colour undergoes an almost magical gold, for example; or from a cool luminous silver to a smooth satiny green.

Harlequin is in fact a range of special effect tinters which are totally compatible with the PPG Global Refinish System range of products, and can be used as the G.R.S Basecoats.

There are seven special effect tinters:

  1. DH987 Cyan to Purple
  2. DH988 Silver to Green
  3. DH989 Green to Purple
  4. DH990 Blue to Red
  5. DH991 Magenta to Gold
  6. DH994 Gold to Silver
  7. DH995 Red to Gold

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