Painting supplies

Chemicar – Finixa

You will find a full of body shop products.

3M produkti

3M provide high-quality abrasives, tapes, films, adhesives, and specialty materials for the manufacture, repair, and maintenance of autos, aircraft, boats, and other vehicles.

VIP -Voelkel industrie produkte

VIP specialized in the last years in the production and world-wide marketing of innovative 2-Components Technologies.

  • 2-Part Hi-Tech Adhesives
  • POLYUREA, a highly reactive coating-system particularly for the surface protection of concrete, steel and foam, VIP has opened a new chapter of most modern 2-Part Coating Technologies.


CARSYSTEM produced fillers and clearcoat products for professional vehicle paintwork.

Since the introduction of water borne paints, Drester has pioneered gun cleaners specifically designed for water-borne materials.

Since Drester made the world’s first gun cleaner, we have been at the very forefront of developing spray gun cleaners. With a very broad range, you are sure to find a Drester gun cleaner that suits your needs.

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