MANN FILTER oil filters


Engine oil lubricates all the moving and functional parts in the engine. As a result of combustion, particles of dirt and combustion residue such as soot escape into the engine oil. They contaminate the oil and make it more viscous. This means that the oil supply is not adequate and protection from corrosion can no longer be ensured. As a result, engine performance is impaired and fuel consumption increases. In the worst case, the engine could be damaged.

Increasing engine performance and at the same time reducing fuel consumption places high demands on engine building. Only clean oil can ensure that engine performance remains consistent. MANN-FILTER oil filters reliably purify oils from dirt and solid particles such as dust, abraded metal, carbon deposits, soot particles etc. They are used with engine oil, hydraulic oil and gear oil. MANN+HUMMEL oil filters and centrifuges are used for the filtration of lubricating and hydraulic oils in the main and bypass flow. MANN+HUMMEL offers a wide range of different designs such as oil spin-on filters, line filters, filter elements, oil centrifuges.

Whether for a diesel engine, a hydraulic system or a gearbox, MANN+HUMMEL always has an appropriate solution. Improved purity of the oil reduces engine wear and enables longer oil change intervals. This in turn reduces the disposal costs. In addition, the service life of the oil filter is lengthened.

Spin-on Oil Filters

Spin-on oil filters form one unit consisting of housing and filter element. The whole unit is replaced during maintenance. The following can be integrated: Anti-drain valve: Ensures that the filter and oil channels do not empty when the engine is switched off and that oil is readily available when the engine is started. Bypass valve: Ensures that oil is available when the engine is cold started and when a service is long overdue, if the oil filter is very dirty.

Wrench removal tools: Ensure that you can remove and fit a spin-on oil filter quickly and efficien

Oil Filter Elements

MANN-FILTER oil filter elements are either situated in their own housing or they are integrated directly into the engine oil circulation system. They are particularly kind to the environment as only the filter element is replaced. Housing and valves remain on the engine block. The exact fit in the housing ensures that MANN-FILTER oil filter elements are completely leak-free. The metal-free MANN-FILTER oil filter elements are particularly eco-friendly. They are made of one material and does not create any ash when disposed of in a thermal process.

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