MANN FILTER air filters

Air filter elements must generally be as small as possible but at the same time provide optimum filtration performance. This challenge is met by MANN+HUMMEL through the development of air filter elements with flexible geometry – for example, the innovative inline filter system: the compact air filter elements consist of a large number of channels arranged in parallel with one another and alternately enclosed. Inside the air stream enters from the raw air side and is conducted through the filter paper so that it can flow out again through the neighbouring open channel on the pure air side.

Another MANN+HUMMEL innovation is the completely synthetic filter medium Micrograde N. Its distinctive feature, in comparison with conventional cellulose media, is its far higher dirt absorption capacity and a vastly improved filtration performance, which makes it possible to lengthen its service life or to reduce installation space.

MANN+HUMMEL air filter elements can be adapted efficiently to fit the installation space available in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. MANN+HUMMEL sells filter elements in various different shapes and sizes including oval-conical, trapezium, or stepped, and even filter elements with a sealed aperture.

MANN+HUMMEL air filter elements offer the following advantages:

  • Compact design
  • Optimum utilisation of available installation space
  • Completely synthetic filter medium ‘Micrograde N’ for improved dust holding capacity and filtration performance

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